FAU-G can take place of PUBG?


  • Pubg Banned in India by Indian Govt.Of India.
  • Is Tencent can removed by Pubg Corporation.
  • FAU-G launch details.

On the 2nd September Government of India announced that PUBG will be banned in India due to security issues between India and China And if China will not stop then pubg will be banned permanently. We all know that PubG Corporation (BLUEHOLE) is not a Chinese company its a Korean company but Tencent games is a Chinese company and it have partnership in PUBG MOBILE by 10%. So many peoples said that remove Tencent from PUBG Mobile but they don’t know that Pubg Mobile is completely built or developed by Tencent games and there is only a server of Pubg mobile which is in China, So it is not easy to remove Tencent. Some days earlier pubg announced that id pubg will ban in India then they will remove Tencent and will work with Gameloft, esports etc.

Akshay Kumar (a Bollywood actor) posted on his twitter handle that Indian developers are developing a multiplayer battle royale game like PUBG, COD,..etc and it will be launched or published by nCore games very soon. The best thing in this game is that it will give its 20% revenue to the “BHARAT KE VEER“. Those who don’t know about “BHARAT KE VEER“, it’s a government facility(Soldiers who martyr in the war for our safety) for our soldier’s families by which you can directly help them financially, So I think at least every Indian must give chance or play it. We all know that PUBG mobile takes 9-10 seasons for solving its glitches, bugs, and other problems. So, FAU-G can’t replace PUBG instantly, but with time it can improve. #ALLTHEBESTFAUG

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