PUBG BAN ? What will happen next!


Today on 2 Sept 2020 Ministry of Information and Technology banned 118 applications. As per reports some apps were stealing the user’s data and misusing it. The main center of attraction for everyone is ‘PUBG Mobile’.

PUBG Mobile has a huge audience in India. Out of 734 million installations worldwide India governs for 175 million installations alone. If we talk about it so 24% of the total installations is from India alone. India is a huge market for PUBG Mobile, It generates a huge amount from India.
It’s not the first time when chines apps have been banned. Back On June 29, India banned 59 Chinese apps because of the tension going on between India and China.

As we predicted earlier the government might ban PUBG Mobile in the next round, now it became a reality. After this decision, Pubg lovers are sad where as Indian parents are happy as most of the students used to play PUBG Mobile which was affecting their studies and real-world activities. Many memes are started trending on social media regarding the ban of PUBG Mobile.

What will happen next:-

If we talk about what will happen next after the ban of PUBG Mobile:

  • Apple and Google will remove PUBG Mobile from App Store and Play Store respectively.

  • Telecom companies will block PUBG Mobile connection to servers.
  • If you still have an app on your phone, then it will no use because it will not start.

Overall in the upcoming hours, PUBG Mobile will be of no use.

Can you still play PUBG?

YES, you can still play PUBG in India but laptops and computers only. As only PUBG Mobile has been banned not PUBG PC. PUBG PC is developed by Bluehole a South Korean videogame company so it will be available in India without any restrictions.

Alternatives Of Pubg Mobile

1. Call Of Duty Mobile – Download here

2. Pubg Pc – Download here

3. Critical Ops – Download here

4. Shadowgun Legends – Download here

5. Dayz – Download here

6. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival – Download here

7. FreeFire – Download here

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