PUBGM update 1.0 is out?

PUBGM is going to launch a new update “Erangle 2.0” which brings major changes that give you a completely new interface in game and adds new modes in arena and classic, which includes zombie mode, a new cheer park, a new lobby layout and a new erangle map which is really cool. Pubg mobile launched erangle 2.0 in beta version but we know in beta version the final quality is not available. The update has been rolling out since September 15 to all the players and is 1.67GB in size for both Android and iOS users.

Major Changes...

  1. Erangle 2.0
  2. All maps are modified
  3. New Weapons
  4. Drops guns may available as normal guns (i.e, DBS)
  5. New Lobby
  6. New Spawn Island
  7. Zombie mode
  8. New Cheer Park
  9. New characters

**The Update 1.0 may be launched with ROYAL PASS 15 which is based on ALIENS AND TECHNOLOGY 

Pubgm is trying to make the best interface for users that is really cool. Like now you can place 6 gun skins, 3 vehicle skins , 6 achievements etc in lobby to make your lobby attractive

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